Don’t get lost, Know your cost!
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We Appraise Your Décor Ideas

Our 20 years of experience in wedding décor industry qualifies us to provide an accurate estimate based on images that reflect your personal taste and style
An affordable service that can save you lots of time and money
Starting from appraising your ideas and all the way to designing and styling your wedding – we are here to help you on every step of the way!

How it works

How It Works:

We Appraise Your Wedding Décor Ideas


  • Collect Images from our library, Pinterest, any other Social Media platform, your camera, etc.
  • Share all the details by completing our online “Premium Appraisal” form


  • We will analyze every item on your wish list by flower count and all other necessary ingredients
  • Check availably and cost
  • Based on all of the above, we provide a comprehensive Independent Appraisal for your wedding décor
  • We help you to better understand, get prepared and ready to visit a wedding designer of your choice. Being in a driver’s seat enables you to be in control of your wedding décor cost.

What do you do if you want to buy a car?

Gather information from reliable independent sources such as Carfax or Kelley Blue Book.

What do you do when you want to purchase a house?

Get an independent appraisal.

Why should wedding styling be any different?

Don’t you want to know in advance how much it could cost?

About Us

Our co-founders have worked with thousands of clients and produced over 6,000 events. Running a 10,000 sq. ft. wedding styling facility for the past 20 years and dealing with all possible obstacles one can only imagine on daily basis – such as unpredictable weather conditions, flower and supply glitches, overbooked event spaces and etc. turned us into an expert in making decisions on a fly and yet getting work done seamlessly.

We decided to invest our extensive knowledge & experience into helping newly engaged couples to plan and create their wedding design, assisting them on every step of the way by first educating what the fair cost of their wedding décor should be all the way to helping design their very own wedding based on their budget.

We take pride in delivering the thrilling experience we promise to our clients!

Priority In Wedding Planning: Know your cost

Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest are all great inspirational tools but because they lack detailed pricing you are still in the dark. Sure you can find suggested average prices from different sources, but

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If you would like to get your Premium appraisal click the link below and within 48 hours we send you a detailed estimate based on information you provide.


or You can also visit our Appraisal Packages page and see multiple options that help you to better envision the most important day of your life.